Video game Reviews + Inter-Roma: First Stairway to Heaven

Inter is facing historic opportunities to become the first team in Serie A three acquired noble titles in a season. The first objective is the Coppa Italia trophy and will be nothing more wonderful when Nerazzurri may be crowned at the Olimpico Roma ahead, the most dangerous opponent of the teachers at the country form the Chelsea supporters this season ...

It was also at the Olimpico than a month ago, have received defeat Inter in Serie A before the 4th of Rome. It was also the match Inter chances before the home team but good luck and determination has helped Roma who is winning smile. But re-match in the 3rd game of the season, Mourinho has to competitors can not repeat what has been done before. Office coldly ruthless usual, Inter have sent a clear message: in Italy, only they are number one.

The highest hand showing Mourinho's first game since the duo released midfielder Ivan Cordoba and Marco Materazzi in the team comes. Not often the main stone in this season but in return the experience of two senior defense minister helped the Nerazzurri as table rock solid throughout the match. Moreover, this is the second defender that can play small tricks and most intense in Serie A over the years and at times did not make the player loses control of Rome as well as lack of restraint in these situations.

Inter show the position of champion

Even take Wesley Sneijder from the 6th minute of the match after the ball quite a malicious mix of former Inter player, Nicolas Burdisso, Mourinho is not a worrier undeterred. Simply because all the children's strategy "special someone" is still on the bench enough to handle the position of the Dutch midfielder. But it is Mourinho's calculations are always unpredictable. When they all thought he would for Dejan Stankovic Goran Pandev on the ground or Mourinho then decided to give pupils the opportunity to reverse Mario Balotelli corn. Although the service to generate luxuriant groves but within the dressing on grass, Super Mario is an important factor in Inter's first victory this season when the defense makes continuous Roma have worked hard throughout both matches.

Continuous phase, "slash cut" the players are given two sides to retreat to make opponents. Match so torn by the odd mix of the rough on the ball 2 club, but there is new evidence of the harsh and hatred between the two rivals are together now in comparison to the Scudetto race. Coppa Italia champions can not be the ultimate task in the season but when was the last game, back before the implacable opponent, victory will be a great incentive for any team any .

Mourinho would have satisfied smile

But in such circumstances, the master of the Inter stone entrance practical and effective, just a bright phase of the "assassins" Diego Milito, has the pleasure of teachers Mourinho. Motifs Nerazzurri win without much change not need too nice, most importantly, results. When the players broke down and quietly Roma received consolation prize for second place, perhaps they have understood at the present time, to overcome the Inter willpower is not enough, the army is black and green stripes "superiors" in the land of pasta. They still dream to write its history, starting with the title of No. 1: Coppa Italia, which will be the title of No. 2: Scudetto title and peak 3: Champions League. Inter and Mourinho are coming to conquer all!

Materazzi "thanks" Mexes

Inter Milan midfielder's excitement in the Coppa Italia trophy also not forget the "stone" when the opponent thanks to central defender Philippe Mexes of Roma. According to Matrix, thanks to people's mistakes with Mexes that Milito had the only goal of the match. Centre-back is full of small gameplay tricks Mexes It also revealed two punch of time trying to retaliate but almost usual mix of food and Materazzi made the French players 'stick' man a red card as he Totti.

Mourinho: "The first dream has come true."

Quite long ago the "special" New question of the press interview after winning Italia but he was enthusiastic about the feeling of joy having won the first trophy this season. Next will be another two goals as Inter Scudetto and Champions League and will do everything to achieve it.
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