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A Book Is Like

A book is like an open flower, scented pages, fragrant hours.

A book is like a crafty fox, surprising in its clever plots.

A book is like a fairy's wings, with princesses, enchanted kings.

A book is like a windowsill, where breezy thoughts are never still.

A book is like an hour glass, whose pages flow as hours pass.

A book is like a lock and key that opens doors and sets minds free.

A book is like an ancient clock that speaks the times but never talks.

A book is like an open letter, when read again the friendship's better.

A book is like an apple core with seeds inside for growing more.

A book is like a trusted friend that keeps its secret to the end.
~~Kathy Leeuwenburg


My family lives inside a medicine chest:
Dad is the super-size band aid, strong and powerful
but not always effective in a crisis.
Mom is the middle-size tweezer,
which picks and pokes and pinches.
David is the single small aspirin on the third shelf,
sometimes ignored.
Muffin, the sheep dog, is a round cotton ball, stained and dirty,
that pops off the shelf and bounces in my way as I open the door.
And I am the wood and glue which hold us all together with my love.


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